It’s Posting Day!!!

Monday/Thursday…. Monday/Thursday…  Extra for holidays (when’s the next one???)  For a gal who was more about Christmas Eve than Christmas morning I am learning the virtues of patience – again.  I am fairly well versed when it comes to work and I’ve certainly learned when teaching camping skills to young men and women.  But here I am all over finding ways to distract myself from publishing off schedule.

It’s been that way with the writing as well.  Race ahead.  Repent (read rewrite) at leisure.  Fortunately Swimming is on a strong line – at the moment.  The Narayana Summit starts next chapter followed by Amun Summit.  So lots of story progression and some old friends (one good and one not ) return.

Breathesgirl, the amazing woman who beta’s for me suggested a plot piece that answered a problem I faced.  How to bring Sookie into the spotlight and tie her storyline and Eric’s back together in a way that put them in same space for a prolonged period?  Her solution was perfect and also funny – so really perfect.  Her part gets unveiled next week and I can hardly wait!  (Oh – yeah… that patience thing again).

I feel the same way when I’m hiking toward some place.  Mornings are awesome.  I like to get started early.  There is a quality to morning light that makes things look more new than at other times.  And the air is still moist.  I love looking around.  It’s like I’m the first person to ever step in whatever place in the world I’m in at the moment.  But by the time I get toward the 11AM hour I start to turn into the kid in the back of the car.  You know the one?  ‘Are we there yet?’   But that is the nature of things in my world.  I try to stage all my trips so that I reach my way station in time to break for lunch.  Kick back.  Eat.  Set up camp.  Tend to feet.  Dinner before 5pm (takes time to allow smells to go away).  Clean up.  Put away.  Kick back and star gaze.  Go to sleep and repeat.  Because now the impatience is about what the next morning brings and what I’ll see along this leg of the journey.

For me it’s not about wishing the corner to come.  It’s the anticipation of what I’ll find there.  It’s knowing that every day is an adventure.  And for that I am most grateful.

What is the Nature of Love….

So on the morning after.. posting my first foray into internet fiction sex I find myself pondering the question… again.  There are the eternal questions.  “How do I know?”  “If I screw it up will I get another chance?”  “Can I screw it up really?”  “Does love – real love – ever truly die?”

For my writing, the answers to those questions are self-evident.  You know because the taste of life is less pleasant when they aren’t there.  You can’t screw it up – not forever – because that place with another on such a level is beyond words.  You know this person in a way that requires that when you fight you don’t touch them because if you touch them the connection that is between you will seek to end the fight.  And what fun it that?

You know because when this person smiles you know it.  They are the person that you think of when good news comes and the arms you seek when bad news hits – even if you’re far apart.

For Eric and Sookie (in my universe) there will be words.  But more importantly – most importantly – there will be the actions that come from that bone deep knowledge that no matter what life throws at them and what lies they tell to themselves they are truly destined; two parts that make an imperfectly perfect whole.

Journeys begins

I’m coming to appreciate that working through story arcs is like splicing rope.  The strands can be a little tricky to place correctly but once you do the whole makes sense.  This exercise of writing ‘Swimming’ has been both gratifying and challenging.   Now that all the players are in place, the real work begins.  How to bring all the bits and pieces together to make the whole?   There are people who write for this universe who make a beautiful and complete picture using a smaller canvas.  Being a drama queen, I’ve chosen a larger canvas and that requires more time and space to allow each of the players their own time to add to the story progression.  I suspect that frustrates those who just want to get to the good parts (read ‘hot sex’).  And I get it.  I have a couple of my favorites tagged for those evenings I need a quick fix.  Let’s face it – no one does it better than the Viking!

Well this next section (Journeys is my internal working title) will be more talking and some sex.  Sookie & Eric have parts to play in their journey towards being free to be together.  But all the other characters I’ve come to love; the K2, Pam, Maude have parts to play out as well.  And then there is my favorite villain – Felipe de Castro.  I continue to get calls to kill him.  But I have to admit -I’ve taken a shine to guy.  He is emerging as the ultimate opportunist; amoral, greedy and ego-driven.  He exerts pressure to get his way but he never quite steps over the truly evil line.

Well – enough rambling for one morning.  It’s back to Eric and Oklahoma – he and Sandy Seacrest have some plotting to do!

The ‘Journeys’ arc begins

I’ve completed the chapters that spell the end of the redemption arc and will be releasing over the next few weeks.  Now begins the arc that plunges back into politics and scheming.  Plot lines are still firming because I chose to make a change in how the major characters will connect; most specifically when.  So – always a muddle~

So – off to my favorite place to figure it out.  Camping this weekend!   It’s northern Connecticut with boy scouts.  Most of them are young and will be spending the weekend in a cabin with a woodstove.  But I’ll be outside with the older scouts in tents.  Thank goodness the temperatures will be in the 30s.  I’ve done zero degree weather but even for me it’s challenging.  You just have to be okay with being cold – because you will be.  Don’t care how good the sleeping bag is…   What makes it way better (seriously) is that they are talking snow Saturday night.  I can’t explain the sound that woods have when snow falls.  It’s entirely unique.  For me its one of those moments; those everything stops so that everything else can fall into place moments.  Good time for sorting story lines and making sure characters stay true.

In between preparations I’m reading some fun fiction from great fellow writers.  Not as much fiction as I’d like.  My electronic book stack it too high right now.  But having fun with Dirty Lemons‘ latest and Morggy is back with a sweet story.  My incomparable beta Breathesgirl is working on a very interesting story which I look forward to seeing meet the light of day.  Now that I’m past the initial set up for my story looking forward to starting works by Magpie Tales. She also writes about post DEA world so I was reluctant to go there until I was firmly on my way.

Read all the stories from January’s challenge run by Kittyinaz and looking forward to hearing the winners.  Reminding folks about the February contest

Great night, Great music, Great inspiration

Helen Highwater

Went to see Helen Highwater String Band perform at a venue called The Place here in Connecticut.  Small venue so you really get a chance to see what is happening.  Missy Raines and David Grier were both names that I recognized.  Mike Compton on mandolin and Shad Cobb were both new to me.  Amazing band with both traditional and original music drawing heavily from Appalachian traditions.  Shad is the primary songwriter to listen to the talk track the band members had and talented he is.  Great vocals; strong harmonies.  Altogether a recommended see for anyone interested in traditional music.  They must have been in some shock.  They hail from Nashville and they were just coming from Portland Maine where their concert had been cancelled due to 2 feet of snow.  We in the sovereign state of Connecticut are experiencing record colds.  The temp was 1 degree when we left.

Great break from writing the Swimming story.  Noticed that Kittyinaz is running a February writing contest.  (Which is exceptionally generous of her.  I am sure that this takes some work)   Hope that folks will consider throwing their hats in.  Something about stretching those creative muscles sure feels good!

Nearing the end of the Redemption Arc

Just finished posting a pivotal chapter to my wonderful beta, Breathesgirl for her review and expert guidance.  The story I’m working on has 4 major arcs – or sections.  The first arc was Politics.  The world of Sookie Stackhouse is rich and full of wonderful characters.   I spent a fair amount of time coloring in the lines of characters that had been introduced in the book.  I have tried to be stingy about introducing my own characters.  I think that placing new names in familiar settings is an exercise that invites risk.

Having said that I did introduce an original character who carried a major role in this second part of the story – the redemption arc.  She seems to have fit in pretty well and I will miss her now that I’m getting ready to send Sookie and Eric on their way to a larger stage.

Saw a couple of my favorite authors released new chapters.  California Kat and tradlover are both great and I enjoy reading their stuff.  I am also following Breathesgirl’s blog.  She does a great rundown of new materials being released.  Reading the great stuff out there charges my batteries – that’s for sure!

Thanks ~ and Happy Valentine’s Day

My SVM/TB Writing Site

Welcome to my first venture at blogging.  I am a new writer of fan fiction and a big fan of the fang.    I draw my inspiration from the original book series and from my fellow writers.  I applaud the courage it takes to throw the results of your own creative muse to the ether and stand beside it as it travels far beyond anything you know.