Juggling at the Beginning

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And so it begins again.

The first chapter of the new story posted yesterday.  I walked through the handful of sites that I now call ‘my’ sites; those where I publish and I had that Sookie Stackhouse moment when I looked over my shoulder and wondered how I had come so far so fast.  I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the way this new part of the arc is shaping up.  Eric is stepping up and in the process making too many commitments.  Sookie is gaining strength both from herself and from factors that are beyond her.  They are quickly falling back to bad habits and silly assumptions.  They are surrounded by the well meaning..  all the realities we all struggle with as couples trying to stay couples in any world.

For my part I will continue what worked before; one story at a time and pushing chapters at least twice a week.   I am working now on Chapter 7 – Pennants Fly and working through some tricky dialogue.  Thank goodness for the voices in my head.   And thank goodness for these wonderful characters who allow me to play with them.

Fangbangers Press Release

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Fangbangers Anonymous Press Release

Fangbangers Anonymous : The TB/SVM Writers Directory to Launch

April 27, 2015: Back in January a comment in a Facebook group sparked an idea to set up a “hub” for fanfiction readers to find their favorite writers with greater ease. Several people volunteered their time to work on this project and the results are now coming to fruition. Fangbangers Anonymous: The TB/SVM Writers Directory is launching on April 28 2015 and currently includes writers active on WordPress. The site features profile pages of its members with links to their stories and personal sites but also contains a weekly blog focused on reviews and special features.

The support from the TB/SVM community has been overwhelming; readers volunteering to write reviews, beta’s working to proof the content, artists assisting with graphics and writers taking the time to set up their personal…

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The Far Reach – Sneak Peek

TFR 1-11086683_10202615483863142_130170048_n (2)Thank you in advance for your support, your comments and your feedback on what you liked and what you questioned about the story.  I was surprised to read the passion and interest in the characters, and I thank you for that.  Obviously I am invested but there is something very pleasant in knowing that I others share my vision and my interest.

The plan is to start publishing my next story, The Far Reach, starting next Monday.  I have two chapters completed and being massaged and made whole by Breathesgirl.  Little does she know, Chapter 3 will be in her in-box by end of night tonight.  Once I have the 4th done I will feel comfortable pushing them out into the universe.

But for now, here is a part from Chapter 1 – Riding at Anchor.

They had pulled up in front of the pool house (‘the Lorena Ball Memorial Pool House,’ Sookie jokingly told him) and the driver had jumped out to grab the luggage. As they walked up to the door Eric had scooped Sookie off her feet and carried her to the door. “Put me down, Eric!” she had laughed. “I’m perfectly capable of walking on my own two feet!”

“But isn’t this customary?   I’m carrying you over the threshold.”

Sookie had laughed some more and pushed against his shoulder, “You only do that when you’re married and we aren’t.”

Eric pulled her against him and purred into her ear, “Well then consider this practice, because it will happen.”

Sookie smiled brightly up at him and he stopped right in the space between inside and out to kiss her. He found himself lost in her; in the feeling of her in his arms. He remembered their time when he had not known himself and she had been everything to him.   When he pulled his face back he found her bright eyes on his own. “Jag älskar dig min hustru,” he told her.

“And what does that mean, Eric?” she asked.

“It means you should learn Swedish,” he smiled and then tossed her up just enough to catch her before bringing her all the way indoors.   He set her down and looked around. The room was small but neat and the gas fireplace had a cozy flame burning. It was not the same as the wood fire that they had cuddled in front of in Bon Temps but it was still cheery.

More soon – thank you!