Juggling at the Beginning

TFR 1-11086683_10202615483863142_130170048_n (2)

And so it begins again.

The first chapter of the new story posted yesterday.  I walked through the handful of sites that I now call ‘my’ sites; those where I publish and I had that Sookie Stackhouse moment when I looked over my shoulder and wondered how I had come so far so fast.  I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the way this new part of the arc is shaping up.  Eric is stepping up and in the process making too many commitments.  Sookie is gaining strength both from herself and from factors that are beyond her.  They are quickly falling back to bad habits and silly assumptions.  They are surrounded by the well meaning..  all the realities we all struggle with as couples trying to stay couples in any world.

For my part I will continue what worked before; one story at a time and pushing chapters at least twice a week.   I am working now on Chapter 7 – Pennants Fly and working through some tricky dialogue.  Thank goodness for the voices in my head.   And thank goodness for these wonderful characters who allow me to play with them.


2 thoughts on “Juggling at the Beginning

  1. Well, they wouldn’t be Sookie & Eric if they didn’t fall back into those bad habits now, would they? I think the way you portray them as having some of the same problems in their relationship that many of us have is one the best parts of your story. Take your time, we’ll be here waiting!


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