Lynch mobs need not apply…

Getting the message out

Kjwrit Fanfiction

I’m torn.

Like Eric through Sookie’s panties torn.


But I feel compelled to say something because others are talking about it on Facebook and the like. So here’s what’s going on.

I got a review on the last chapter I posted, telling me that there’s a story being posted on FFN that was a plagiarized version of mine. I clicked the link and saw that yes, the first chapter is VERY similar to the first chapter of Life and Death, but the next few chapters I skimmed through aren’t – other than a few key plot points.

Sookie’s a daywalker and can read vampire minds.

Neither one of us were really breaking any new ground there.

But the other author gave her Sookie other gifts that mine do not have and, from the little bit I skimmed through, they really do seem to diverge from there. I replied…

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