It’s almost mid-week, so time for another chapter…

I had the great fortune to have a day off and it’s been very productive. I am celebrating by releasing the next chapter of The Far Reach.  Have a great rest of week and looking forward to a holiday weekend here in the United States.

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Chapter 17- The Upwind Mark (click the banner to be taken to the chapter)

A Day to Remember – A Day to Celebrate

Speaking for myself I am pleased to celebrate the recent decision that all peoples in this country have the right to marry. While it is not a choice I would make again, it is important to me that in a country that carries such great promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that this fundamental part of civilization be made available to everyone. In another five years I am sure we will all look back in some wonder and try to imagine how things could have ever been otherwise. It will seem so self-evident, like women having the right to own property and vote (which my grandmother did not when she was born), or that all people should have equal opportunity guaranteed by law regardless of the color of their skin (which was not the case until the 1960s).

I take a moment now to think of all my friends who are gone from my life who would have been so happy to see this day. Joe, who joked that becoming a pharmacist was a life choice and not just a career, Brian who brought his bag lunch and came with me to watch the show that was the Filene’s Basement Bridal Sale every year, Eddie who had to explain that when a woman bought you a drink in Provincetown it wasn’t just being nice, Dave who was my escort at the high school dance because I was the new kid (again) and no ‘real’ boy would ask me, Jack who dressed me up and took me dancing so I could get free drinks and he could get picked up, Martha who loved me, Dave who told me that if he could change he would so that we could be together – but only if I would do the same.

I wish that this change in attitude had come sooner and that the cure for the dreadful disease that swept you all away, along with so many others that we knew, had been found sooner. But I have no doubt that yesterday’s victory was possible because of you and all those like you who lived their lives bravely and openly, with dignity and pride. Congratulations.

A glorious day…

Birds sing, the sun shines and it is a glorious day to be living in the United States. So, since everything else is smiling, I will join the festivities, but not before sending you the latest chapter in The Far Reach. We are coming to the mid-way point. Like most relationships, Sookie and Eric will need to look back to understand just how far they have come.  Enjoy!

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Chapter 15 – The Rip Current.  (Click the banner to be taken to the story)

We Live In An Age of Great Writing…

First, thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for my work in the most recent New Blood Awards event.  I also wish to mention in particular my beta reader, Breathesgirl whose countless hours and commentary kept my writing on track and American Android who created the image of my stories.

To everyone – I am thankful that my efforts entertained you.

The premise for these awards was to recognize new writers to the Southern Vampire/True Blood genre.  Because this is the first year, those eligible for consideration included those authors who started publishing in 2014 to present.  There has been some worry that since the original author stopped the series and the television show has ended that the writing for these characters would wane.

I present to you the proof that stories of this fandom’s demise are premature.  These are the authors nominated as ‘New Blood’ in our genre, and whose wonderful stories recommended them for inclusion in this year’s contest.

AmericanAndroid             Bloodamber                    BHBlush

FairyTaleAmber                Hisviks                             idream3223

Ivysaur                                 jules3677                        Justwanderingneverlost

Kinnik7104                         LadyAnachronism        Lara Kingsley

Lets Get Thoughtful         Lilka666                           LolliBolli

Magpie Tales                      Malmo722                       Melodiusnocturn

Midnat                                 Miss Alice Unsub           MistressJessica1028

mp5KOVA                           Randonpenname101      Reinla

Royal Ember                       Sakshi Chopra                 TB Viking Addict

Trubie 1989                         Unseen Wonder              Victory in Trouble


Congratulations to each and all of us and those who so proudly support our work, our beta readers and our banner makers and those readers who so selflessly provide the comments and suggestions that fuel our fires.

newbloodClick on the banner to be taken to a list of these wonderful writers and links to their amazing stories.

Thank you –

When you look over your shoulder..

FullSizeRender(1)I woke up this morning and turned to the pages that I had started editing last night.  It was the first thing I did and it struck me how much things for me have changed.  For every person, life is a series of journeys.  There are journeys that you take with others and there are journeys you take alone.  Writing these stories has been the second type of journey for me.

I am an introvert by nature. Traveling solo roads is not unusual for me.  I try to  take a solo backpack trip every year and spend five or more days trekking in woodland places to find the insight that comes with the quiet of nature and the sweat of physical activity.  It recharges me in a fundamental way.  It reminds me of all that is unknown and unknowable in this life.  It humbles me so that I can go back to my every day tasks and not place myself in too lofty a place in my own mind.

For me, nature is the great leveler.  What are we with all our machinations and pride next to a sunset or the opening of a flower?  We are surface and noise beside the true magic of creation.

I had not expected to find even a shadow of this experience when I started writing fiction.  For me, starting on this journey, only six months ago, this writing venture of exploring the world of Southern Vampires and supernatural beings provided both escape and redemption.   But I have found that this creative process is more than exorcising myself within the discipline of crafted words on a page.  It has given me the unexpected gift of observing my fellow travelers in a different way.

My characters demand that I think through them, and to do that I need to ask myself, “What would so and so do?  How would they say it?   What would make them think that way?”   This writing exercise has opened me to a renewed interest in the world around me, and my fellow travelers in particular.   I do not wish to leave the impression that I had no empathy or concern for others, in fact quite the opposite.  But the difference for me has been a renewed interest, particularly in those I know well, to come to understand and appreciate them all the more.

I don’t know how long this journey will last.  It is one of those unknowable things.  It is unlikely that I would stop writing altogether.  Writing is something I have done in one way or another all my life.  But for finding this path; this fiction path, I find myself both humbled and grateful.  It is a hard journey most days but one I continue to be happy to make and I hope that the road continues before me for many years to come.

The Far Reach – and Finding Air

Vacation now seems faded and although the tall, hairy child and I are still eating soft cheese on baguette for breakfast, the routine of our lives has resumed.  That includes getting back into a more regular rhythm of writing for my primary work – The Far Reach.   It has been a banner week for me.  I also released a short story that is (at least in my mind) an out-take, or future view of our couple.  So happy weekend to everyone.

Chapter 15 – Finding the Air (Click on the banner to be taken to the chapter)

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A new short story for your enjoyment –


Every once in a while I get it into my head to participate in a writing contest.  Kittyinaz hosts one a month.  This past May the inspiration banner was a long road under the moonlight.  Of course I thought of that pivotal scene when Sookie realizes the tall, barefoot man running heedlessly down her road is Eric Northman.  One thing led to another and this flight of fancy was born.  Hope you enjoy ‘Where It Began.’  And look for the next chapter of The Far Reach which will be coming in the next day or so.  As always – I love to hear from you.  Hope you are looking forward to a great weekend. (Click the banner to be taken to the story!)

~ Enjoy ~