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Things may be slowing down a bit due to the Summer holidays but it hasn’t stopped a lot of writers from finishing up a bunch of fics ready to entertain you through the summer months!


Stories completed from June 30th – July 31st:

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On to Texas!

The next few chapters feature one of my favorite places to visit, San Antonio, Texas. Interesting weather, more butterflies, hummingbirds and Lady Bird Johnson flower fields than you can shake a stick at, amazing barbecue, amazing food (period), nice people and George Strait.  Life doesn’t get much better. Of course, our heroes won’t be spending a lot of time enjoying the locale… the Zeus Summit is a pivotal point in the fates of our friends. They have been focusing on their own problems, which are finally at resolution. It now becomes clear that during the time they have stolen to be together, the business of the larger world has become more pressing.

Hope you enjoy the last arc of The Far Reach, starting with Chapter 24 – Dodging Mists.

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The Falling Glass

There are moments in this life when you can sense that changes are coming. It is in the strange stiffness that finds a joint one morning when you wake up. It is in the unsettled pressure you feel in your head. You stare out the window and the sun rises much as it always does, but there is something different. Sometimes that difference is nothing more than the change in barometric gradients as great walls of air move across the face of the land, the pressure against your skin rising and falling, giving your lizard brain that signal that all is unsettled and change is coming. But sometimes, inexplicably, the change you sense to the marrow of your bone, is something more. Perhaps a new acquaintance will find his or her way into your life. Perhaps money will find you… or leave you. Perhaps some new adventure will peek around the corner, beckoning with bony fingers and rosy cheeks. I suspect we all carry this with us, this odd sense of clairvoyance. Some call it deja vu. Some call it the sight. But we all know the feeling – that nagging voice or slight jangling of nerve that calls from the corner of our eye to watch – Something is coming! When I get this feeling I know it is time to settle accounts and batten hatches. I mend frayed relationships and heap extra care on my family. Whether for the good or not, change is jarring and jangling by definition. Best to be ready when premonition raises it’s head.

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Chapter 22 – The Falling Glass (click the banner!)

RULES ARE UP ~ And the excitement is mounting!

Area 5 Bloody Pen Contests

The Countdown Continues…


We are happy to announce that we will have  Guest Author who will be providing us a story to get your creative juices flowing.

   All About Eric has agreed to start the story telling with a tale of her own.

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Need some inspiration now?  i dream 3223 has reminded me to add her story, Sacrifice, to the Day of the Dead Fiction List. Feel free to click over there and relive some great stories!

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To Err is Human…

Milton said it in Paradise Lost, and the phrase has become a milepost for lovers. ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine.’

If your loved one, the one you trusted most in the world, did something you always believed was unforgivable, could you forgive? Would you, when faced with a choice between love and principles, make a choice that you could live with for the rest of your life?

What if the circumstances weren’t exactly clear? What if you might have had some hand in what happened? Could your head unbend enough to let your heart decide? Or would you feel that you had compromised some important part of yourself in a way that would taint you?

I, for one, have always wished life came with a guide book. Those paths which were wrong should be clearly marked with danger tape and flashing lights. ‘Go this way!’ the messages would read and I would place my feet with certainty, knowing that when I arrived, Regret would not be my constant companion. But life is not like that. You can reach the top of the hill and turn around, only to find that Regret and Frustration have placed their hands in yours and are now happy to pull you further from the place you had wished to be.

This is the theme our friends explore in the next chapter of The Far Reach. Will Sookie be human, or will she find the grace to dare to the be something else?

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Chapter 21 – The Squall (click on the banner to go to the story)

The Next Contest Is Coming….

Time to sharpen your pencils!!

Area 5 Bloody Pen Contests


  The Area 5 Bloody Pen is happy to announce a new writing contest.

  The theme is


and as the banner suggests, brush up your ghosts and ghouls, goblins

and all things that walk in the night.

   The contest will open for entries on August 25th.  Winners will be announced on October 30th.

    The rules and the official contest page will launch here, at the Area 5 Bloody Pen site July 15.

 Looking forward to reading stories with a scary bent featuring your favorite characters.

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Reaching through to Fall

As the days stretch in all their summer glory it occurs to me, with the quick turn of color in trees that is more due to the stress of drought than the snap of cold, that Fall is, indeed coming. What is it about this time of year that makes me forget the long, gray days of winter and early spring when green was still a distant memory? Why do I find myself tiring of the deep greens and the murmur of leaves on trees when a storm approaches and they flip, hiding their faces? There is a single, yellow leaf, a casualty, and I think of canary yellows and russets and orange and the fiery red of maple. Nights when I leave the windows open and glory in the warmth of a blanket, sleeping with crisp air.

I tell myself that patience is indeed a virtue, and the turn of the seasons will find us all too soon.

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For now? Chapter 20 – The Chop (Click the banner to be brought to the story)

What Is In A Name?

Shakespeare asks the question in Romeo and Juliet: to paraphrase, ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ How often do we look at others, those from far away or from other cultures or from other heritages and expect them to act and feel as we do? Are we disappointed when we discover that this person is truly other, that their belief system is fundamentally different? Or do we become angry and feel in some way betrayed that we thought one thing, but it turned out to be something we didn’t expect.

What if these differences appear in the one we thought we knew best? What if when we peeled back the layers we could readily see, and lost, for a minute, the blinders of our affection, we found something that we should have known but perhaps willingly ignored?

What choice would we make? Would we choose our principles or would we follow the dictates of our heart? This is the question that will be presented to Eric and Sookie, and this part of the journey begins in the next chapter – The Fata Morgana.

TFR 1-11086683_10202615483863142_130170048_n (2)Chapter 19 – The Fata Morgana (Click banner to launch chapter)