To Err is Human…

Milton said it in Paradise Lost, and the phrase has become a milepost for lovers. ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine.’

If your loved one, the one you trusted most in the world, did something you always believed was unforgivable, could you forgive? Would you, when faced with a choice between love and principles, make a choice that you could live with for the rest of your life?

What if the circumstances weren’t exactly clear? What if you might have had some hand in what happened? Could your head unbend enough to let your heart decide? Or would you feel that you had compromised some important part of yourself in a way that would taint you?

I, for one, have always wished life came with a guide book. Those paths which were wrong should be clearly marked with danger tape and flashing lights. ‘Go this way!’ the messages would read and I would place my feet with certainty, knowing that when I arrived, Regret would not be my constant companion. But life is not like that. You can reach the top of the hill and turn around, only to find that Regret and Frustration have placed their hands in yours and are now happy to pull you further from the place you had wished to be.

This is the theme our friends explore in the next chapter of The Far Reach. Will Sookie be human, or will she find the grace to dare to the be something else?

TFR 1-11086683_10202615483863142_130170048_n (2)

Chapter 21 – The Squall (click on the banner to go to the story)


4 thoughts on “To Err is Human…

  1. Life, unfortunately does not come with a guide book though I, too, have often wished it did. One thing I’ve learned about life though is that we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes until we do learn from them. Mistakes are learning opportunities. As for being able to forgive a loved one for something I’d always believed to be unforgivable? That has and will always depend upon the circumstances. I’ve forgiven so much throughout my lifetime simply because holding onto anger, hurt feelings and negativity are unhealthy, and it’s simply best for me to forgive. If I was involved? One needs to then look at the bigger picture. Forgiving one’s self is almost always more difficult than others. We seem to be our own worst enemies in that case.


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