A few thoughts on travel…

There is something amazing about a world where you can wake up in one time zone, get on a metal tube with a few hundred of your new friends (and you will be friends because you’ll share air and turbulence and pass drinks and nod as you move your big feet out the aisle to let them pass) and suddenly you’re in another time zone with weather that is nothing like where you came from. It is a miracle in it’s own way.

I have two favorite parts of travel – the first is when the plane climbs over the clouds and you get to see what they look like from above. Sometimes they are just a scrim that floats above the world, making everything below look as if it’s a fairy place just waiting to the other side of the mists. Other times that are peaks and valleys of sun-kissed mountains climbing in reverse, looking so solid you wish you could hike them, forever in the sun and nothing standing between you and space.

My other favorite part of travel is the thing I chose for myself. I learned many years ago that you will always get where you are going, but it is foolish to think you will get there the same way you planned. Sometimes the flights are as you thought – the same time and going tot he same place. But sometimes the flights change. Things cancel. Weather creates obstacles. There are re-routes and delays. These things used to bother me, but now I realize they are just part of the adventure. So when my foot hits the terminal I get myself into that Zen place that allows me to embrace that nothing is in my control and it I get to where I had planned, that’s great. If I get there on time with my luggage, it’s a bonus. And if there are unplanned diversions, to see them for the opportunity they are and collect the stories I see.

Thank you for musing with me. – Chapter 26 – The Fixed Mark is posted.

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