Destined: Gift for Kelpie

It has started! Stories that were written for the Story Exchange over the summer have started to be released. This is the first – a story written for Kelpie.
The identify of the authors will be revealed in the near future – but for now, watch for each story, coming like the gifts they were meant to be, and enjoy these last fruits of summer!

Title: Destined
Author: TBA
Summary:  They were always destined to be together, but Real Life always got in the way even if they are both Supernatural.  However, they worked through all their obstacles as a team to finally be together.
Challenge prompts: For the Gift I Want to Receive:
Pairings: Eric/Sookie
Preferred rating: (Smut is not required, but it is appreciated.) T and above-prefer smutty
Prompts: (A minimum of three. They can be as detailed or as vague as you like.)

  1. chef eric
  2. pirate eric
  3. pirate sookie

Deal breakers: (Things you do not want.) either of my OTP sleeping with anyone else. I’m possessive!!!


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