Celebrating with More Art!!

As promised, I have two stories here for your pleasure, complete with their new banners.

The first is It Takes Two. This is a story I wrote for Kinnik, a new author, as part of the summer Story Exchange that was run by Queen of Area Five. If you haven’t read Kinnik’s ‘Into the Blood’ it is well worth the visit. The Queen has recently updated ‘Ride the Lightning’, and her story, ‘A Marriage of Inconvenience’ was one of those tales that hooked me on Eric and Sookie forever. I have links to both of these authors on this site.

It Takes Two was based on a prompt provided by Kinnik. What if… Eric and Sookie didn’t stay apart? Instead they jumped into co-habiting, but found, as many do, that all the little things that they do are really annoying? How well would Eric’s long hours and rules about his house sit with the telepath? And how would a thousand year old vampire tolerate the harsh chemical smells of a woman who likes to clean and who prefers to shop at Walmart? This tale examines what might happen, and how it might play out. The banner is a new one by Sephrenia. Every time I look at that lady-like pink, Playtex glove I snicker!

It Takes Two(Banner by Sephrenia)

The second update is a story I wrote this past May, Sluagh Sidhe, or The Wild Ride. Sidhe is one of the words used for the Fae. I wrote this tale for the Historic Fiction contest run by Area 5 Bloody Pen. (By the way, there is a contest underway for Day of the Dead sponsored by Area 5 Bloody Pen. If you haven’t had a chance to write your Fall/Hallowe’en/spook-inspired story, there is still time to get it in. There is a link to Area 5 on this site.) I hadn’t originally written this story to be a part of the Swimming saga, but as I continued writing Far Reach I realized that the premise (how Eric and Niall meet for the first time) provided context that explained their later relationship. In this version, Eric is sent to Niall in Ireland to pay off a bet that Appius lost. The vampire ends up saving the Prince’s life, and in the process introduces him to the woman who will become Fintan and Dermot’s mother. It’s a fast-paced, adventurous fairy tale, and it now has a new banner, thanks to Sephrenia. Yes… I did ask for the image of Lee Pace playing Thranduil for the younger Niall, and I am pleased with how closely is resembles Niall’s description in the book.

Sluagh Sidhe (Wild Ride)(Banner by Sephrenia)

I will be formally launching the summary page for A Distant Horizon and the epilogue for The Far Reach tomorrow.  Thank you for all your support and hope you have a great weekend.

~ Natsgirl

9 thoughts on “Celebrating with More Art!!

  1. Oh, I love them! Such a fantastic job on both! The pink glove is hilarious! Kinnik’s story idea actually came from a conversation that we had about ‘what happens after the HEA?’ We started throwing these silly things back and forth… Eric leaves his towels on the floor, Sookie’s a clean freak, she trips over his big boots, he can’t stand all the chemical smells, etc. We laughed and laughed and so an idea was born! Such silliness we can get up to! Your story was perfect! It had all the elements we imagined and more! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful banners…especially the second one with Eric and Naill.
    Love Eric’s facial expression on the first one :it’s so funny!
    Now we need Sephrenia to make us a banner where Eric is opening Sookie’s marriage proposal-LOL!

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  3. It takes two was one of my favs from the exchange… And, sorry to sound greedy, but it feels as if the concept contains a potentially longer story… Just saying…. I’d happily read about these two arguing for a while…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually nothing against the make up sex but in this case I really see an unusual scenario/issue between E & S as here Sookie seemingly conceded and went to live with Eric, abandoned being a barmaid at that bloody Merlotte’s (not a moment too soon but hey) but found herself stuck at home with little to do beyond manicures, massages, shopping… lady of leisure pursuits that clearly leave her unsatisfied… and Eric’s blind to that until it is (nearly) too late… But sure a reconciliation ‘pendant’ to this story definitely also has its merits…


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