Welcome Sephrenia!

When I first discovered fanfiction in 2014, one of the things that drew me in were the images. I would study the banners and wonder how and who could make these words I was reading come alive. I would scan the lists of characters at the the end, mentally checking off those that agreed with my own imagination and assessing those that didn’t quite match. One of the artists whose work I admire and who caught my attention is Sephrenia. I’m not alone. Her work graces the pages of many authors in our universe, and with good reason. I have linked to her page from this site for some time, and I am thrilled to have an opportunity to work with her now.

Below is the banner Sephrenia created for A Heart’s Desire, a short story I wrote for the summer SVM/TB Story Exchange that recently wrapped up. The story was a gift I wrote for FairyTaleAmber, an author whose work I enjoy (there’s a link to her page here too). There was some excitement about the idea of Eric dressed in gladiator garb. Well – let’s say the story went pretty far down the adult rated road for me!

I will be re-launching two more stories this evening with banners compliments of this lovely and talented lady.  Thank you Sephrenia!


A Heart's Desire


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