Down to the last few hours!!

Last chance! Only hours left!

Area 5 Bloody Pen Contests


The clock is winding down.. if you were thinking you had time to get your votes in you are almost out of time…

So – take that last look, use your Magic 8 Ball, or play Rock, Paper, Scissors, but get your vote in for that story that most illustrates The Day of the Dead!

Thanks again to our wonderful authors who contributed such wonderful work. It was a pure pleasure to read each story. Kind of anxious for the voting to close so I can add my comments!

A special thanks to Suzy who lent her time and enthusiasm to running the contest this time around. Hope this finds everyone home and happy!

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Two Days!

Thursday is it! Don’t miss your chance to vote on which story is the scariest for the season at Area 5 Bloody Pen.

Area 5 Bloody Pen Contests

So if you didn’t get the hint from the title of this post you have only 2 days left to read and vote. The entries are all wonderful and unique, which I know makes the decision hard but I know you can do it! Click the banner to go to the stories and then VOTE!



Area 5 Bloody Pen Admin

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The next chapter of the Pledging is up…

We are counting down to Hallowe’en here in the U.S. Frankly, it’s my favorite holiday. I get to dress up in costumes and decorate my house. I don’t have to cook or clean for anyone. There are also some side benefits like frightening children and eating chocolate. Yes, my favorite holiday hands down!

For our heroes, they are likewise headed into their best time. It is a pivotal moment in their lives, as it is for any couple. The decision to join your life through not only a commitment of the heart but a legal procedure that makes you a single entity under the law takes great fortitude. Of course, in the case of our fairy and her Viking, the legal piece may be the least of it. Thank you.

Chapter 6 – The Way You Haunt My Dreams

The Pledging

It’s Friday?

It is Friday night here on the Eastern coast of the United States. The sun is heading down because it’s getting closer to the beginning of winter. Have I mentioned that’s my favorite time of year? I have already begun looking with longing at snow pants and snowshoes. I have checked my zero degree sleeping bag and dream of sleeping in a tent listening to the sound of snow making that amazing, sandy sound when it falls through the bare branches of winter trees. Owls hunt early on winter nights – really winter mornings. They tend to hunt in pairs and their calls echo in the cold, still air when it’s almost too cold for snow to fall. I love the peace of that time when everything seems so crisp and clean. My nose snuggles into the space between my shoulder trap and my drawstring hood. My feet are warm in layers of cotton and hand warmers and wool. My head is toasty in fleece. Sometimes if it’s really cold, you hear the sound of the snow cracking as it shifts and compacts still further.

So, I’ll go get a room, me and winter, and let you get on to the next chapter in The Pledging.  Thanks to Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy. And you will see some definite nods to the great banner that Sephrenia made for this segment of the Weddings.


The PledgingChapter 5 – The Way You Sing Off Key

Sing it Cole…

The PledgingChapter 3 – The Memory of All That is ready. You’ll find a nod to the beautiful banner in the story (thank you Sephrenia).  I am grateful to Breathesgirl, and to Ms Buffy. Thank goodness for you!

As for myself, looking forward to a solid eight hours of running a wood chipper tomorrow. Life doesn’t get better than that! Enjoy!

Let the Reading Begin!

Let the reading begin! It’s leaf turning season here in New England- the perfect time to read! Voting is now open and it’s a great selection!

Area 5 Bloody Pen Contests

The Day of the Dead Contest is now officially open!


You can read the stories here and then vote for your favourite. You only get to vote once so be sure to make it count! You have until October 29th to vote.

Happy Reading!

Area 5 Bloody Pen Admin Team

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