You are invited….

The Pledging

First Chapter is here! (Click the banner)

I debated about trying to write about Sookie and Eric’s wedding. There are a number of author’s who have framed this event. Each is memorable, and frankly it was intimidating. Then I realized that although the ceremony is the same, each wedding is unique and why should writing a wedding be any different. So, caution to the wind, here is the first chapter of what will be three separate ceremonies which should make clear to our couple, once and for all, there is no getting away from each other!

Thank you Sephrenia for the ‘wedding portrait,’ as well as that sample of proper pledging attire. And thank you to Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy who make the writing shine! I am beholden to each of you amazing women.

4 thoughts on “You are invited….

  1. I love the banner! Another fabulous one from Seph! She does incredible work, doesn’t she? This one is perfect for “The Pledging,” and I love the dress! Now I’m off to the chapter that I know I’ll love just as much! 🙂

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