My prayers are with you

Many years ago my job took me to New York. I would visit our office at 7 World Trade and I spent hours every month visiting businesses in the Towers. I formed friendships there, women and men who were proud to have achieved some success in their lives. We talked about friends in common in the small world which is our industry. Several of them knew my mother who also had a connection with our field. I had lost her several years prior and I appreciated hearing stories of her life that I would not have otherwise known. These were people who had boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives. We shared war stories about raising our children. I remember their faces. I remember the pictures on their desks and the vacation plans they never took. On days like today, those memories haunt me.

I don’t remember the faces of those who manufactured their deaths. I don’t really remember the cause that seemed so important. If that was the point, it failed.

I mourn for the citizens of France and for everyone who will be forced to live with this kind of experience. I send you my sympathy and all my prayers. I mourn the lives that should have had brilliant and multi-colored threads of experience that stretched far out and into the future. The world is a sadder place for having their light so brutally cut short.

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