Good morning to you

Usually around this time in the week I have a new chapter. I don’t, but I assure you I am more than halfway finished with the last chapter of Pledging.

So, what have I been doing? Well… writing – just something different. It is the holiday season. There are two ‘events’ happening in our little world. The first is Kittyinaz’s Christmas prompt. Kitty has been expanding her horizons in terms of fan universes and I expect there will be a variety of entries hosting many different storylines. My own entry is in now (thank you again, Ms Buffy for your help). I always enjoy reading the works of my fellow authors who participate. The work is always a little different. Deadline is this Saturday, so no doubt next week will be spent with tablet in hand and a tumbler of Gran Marnier.

The other event is the Queen of Area 5’s prompt event and I’ve chosen my theme. That deadline is in December and again, I am looking forward to the presents that will be brought.

Last? I am re-editing A Face in the Woods. It’s my first stab as writing down a ghost story. I wrote it as a promotion piece for the recent Area 5 Bloody Pen writing event.

I tell ghost stories with some regularity. It’s part of the camping tradition, to sit around the fire at night, listening to the rustle of leaves just past the ring of light and wondering what lurks beyond. I expect you’ll see Face in the Woods before Pledging, and if all goes well as early as tomorrow. Sephrenia made me a kick-ass banner and I’m looking forward to bringing my story and the artwork home here, to my site.

Hope this finds you well and safe.A Face in the Woods

A Face in the Woods… A new one shot – coming soon

11 thoughts on “Good morning to you

  1. Absolutely a kick-ass banner! I love it! Can’t wait for all that is to come! I want to read the stories from Kitty’s Christmas prompt, but unfortunately, each time I attempt to enter her site, a virus hits my computer, so I avoid it now. Of course, you know, I’ll be gorging on all of those from Her Highness!

    Then I’m always looking forward to whatever you send me! That’s like my everlasting Christmas! 🙂

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