Happy Birthday – Breathesgirl!

December 14th is Breathesgirl’s birthday! I first met this wonderful woman when I sent her a message through Fanfiction, asking if she’d be willing to beta my work. I had just started writing and had no idea what any of this was about. Breathesgirl was my first guide into the world of fanfiction, betas, blogging and WordPress.

Over this past year she has encouraged me, supported me and kept me laughing.

I think that thing that impresses me most about her is her willingness to explore her many interests. She is a voracious reader and an adventurous chef and she is willing to share her experiences and recommendations with us all through her blogs. So many of us have received her many-varied strands of communication, connecting us with each other, tempting us with possibilities.

Breathesgirl is also a writer in her own right. The thing I admire most about her style is her wonderful and unique sense of humor. She had a deft hand with crafting images and dialogue that leave you helplessly giggling, not sure what you just read, and why it’s tickling you so!. It’s priceless!

I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend. You deserve all good things and more.

Oh – and just in case – I borrowed this for you…  Just saying…



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