Happy Tuesday…

And that means post day for The Wedding, part of the And Then We Were One story arc. Hope your holidays are delightful and your coming year better than the last.

My thanks to each of you who reads my work. This year of writing has been the realization of a dream for me and it has been made far sweeter by having you walking with me on this journey.

My special thanks to those incredible women who volunteered to share my special brand of crazy, Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy. Why they put up with me, I’ll never know, but I am thankful for their willingness to polish my mistakes and argue with me from time to time.

I also wish to thank Ms Sephrenia for the gift of her artwork. She stepped up to give my emerging side-story mania a face. Her sense of whimsy makes me laugh, and it inspires me.

And, of course, American Android whose work gave the original Swimming stories an identity.

Happy Holidays ~


The WeddingChapter 3 – Knew She’d Have to Come Up Soon for Air

3 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday…

  1. LOL! It’s a joy working with you and I’m so blessed to call you my friend. I’ll never complain about the front-row seat either! Your writing is lovely and I’m so happy that you share it with all of us. 🙂

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  2. I just want to bang both of thier heads together. They’re acting like children. I know Sookie is getting a lot of grief of some, being called selfish for wanting it all, but Eric is being just as selfish for only wanting what he wants. I bet it would be a different story if they were married in human or Fae tradition, that wouldn’t be enough for him.

    This is the third time I’ve tried reviewing today, but for some reason WP keeps eating my comments. So, I’m trying it here instead of on the chapter.


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