The site has a new look..

Facebook is a marvel. It lets you communicate with people far and wide. It give an opportunity to discuss points of view and see things from many angles.

For the past year I have used an image (‘the image’) that incorporates the head of the famous actor who played Eric Northman on television with another, anonymous body. For me, it symbolized the ability to transcend fact and venture into the magic of fiction. However, it was pointed out to me this morning that this same actor may find the image offensive.

I come from a generation and a belief that it is wrong to do harm to any other, and that when you realize that something you have done may be hurtful or offensive, you change it.

Several months ago, Gyllene made an offer to share her artwork with me. Timing was off then , but I promised her (and myself) that when the opportunity presented, I would ask if she would be willing.

The new banner you see on my WordPress site is thanks to this gracious lady. I am so appreciative that she was willing to lend her talents, and this time, timing was in my favor.

For those who are fans of English lore, the Green Man is the voice of the forest. For me, he is a totem that I keep close. My boys laugh at my keeping an image of this ancient in my home, but there is something about the truth of nature that asks only to be heard.

Thank you Gyllene. He is just beautiful!

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