And so it concludes…

The HandfastChapter 5 – If You Will But Wed finishes the wedding/joining cycle. It has been an enlightening cycle, allowing me to research to my heart’s content. I pulled out some of the fun pieces of growing up; a kid on the move with an imagination packed full of not-quite-right for children stories of Fae and things that go bump in the night. I was also able to re-explore aspects of years spent in the hills of New England, welcoming the sunrise at the end of April to the sound of fiddle and drum. Good times.

So… what’s next? As you have doubtless figured out, I’m a mostly monogamous writer. I marvel at my counterparts who manage multiple story lines. I’m lucky I remember what I wore yesterday, much less what plot line tab A fits in what character development slot B, so I will simply move on to the next ‘larger’ story.

Distant Horizon has been percolating for some time as I played patty cake with my exploration of marriage and the activity that ritual engenders. Horizon picks up a year after the events Handfast. The Northmans have been married for a year, making lives as busy supernaturals, weaning themselves and their well-wishers from the limelight. The world around them has changed. Questions are being raised about supernaturals, particularly in respect to their past interactions with humans. The widespread popularity and ‘cool’ factor associated with vampires is waning in more rural/less urban areas of the country and old suspicions are creeping back. There are protesters, including some who wear familiar faces, and those who would seek to profit by the fear that follows intolerance.

It is a story, rather than a confection. As always, I thank you for reading!

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