Distant Horizon… Launching March 15th

The next story in the Swimming series will start publishing on March 15th. A Distant Horizon picks up about a year into the marriage and reign of Eric and Sookie Northman.

Here is that beautiful banner that American Android created for the story. She did this last year in anticipation, and I am delighted that it is finally getting its day in the sun. You will note that return to a more nautical theme, and the chapter headings will reflect it

Thank you, and looking forward to taking this next adventure with you.


15 thoughts on “Distant Horizon… Launching March 15th

  1. This will be a really llooong 3 weeks. I’ll fill in the time by starting over. Is the island shaped like an egg purposely? It doesn’t look too healthy underneath. I’m SO looking forward to distant horizon.
    May your fingers move with the speed of a hummingbird and reward Sookie with mead aplenty. Thankyou for going to so much effort for so little reward.

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    1. Thanks!
      I told American Android I was thinking of something a little less dark for the banner – perhaps a lighthouse and/or distant island. After all, they would be married and heading toward calmer waters.


  2. I think its great that you give us readers a finite date to look forward to for the next installment. The waiting and anticipation is more bearable because of it. Thankyouverymuch! xo

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