One of the fun things about writing….

…is that you get to dictate the pace. For those of you who have already read Chapter 3 of Distant Horizon, you know I left things in a bit of a cliff-hanger. This is not something I do often, and frankly, when I’m reading, it bugs the crap out of me.

It is a bit of a holiday weekend here. For religious folks, there will be services and for those who have a different version of believing, there will be reasons to walk in the wide world and eat too much.

For me, it is also the perfect excuse to double down on releasing chapters. I will release Chapter 4 – Sailing Upwind, later today. Spoiler alert – it does not resolve the cliffhanger, but it does set the final pieces in motion that explain what is coming.

Chapter 5 – The Breakwater, will release tomorrow, and that does answer the remaining Eric/Sookie questions.

Consider it my holiday gift and nod to the Spring of a promising new year.

Thanks – and hope you have a wonderful weekend!



10 thoughts on “One of the fun things about writing….

  1. One of the things I love about you is that you are always so giving… Thank you for the holiday treats! Have a wonderful holiday yourself, my friend! Enjoy time with your family and nature! (Just loved the picture of the blossoms & bluebirds) Hope you get in some long walks with this beautiful, fragrant weather, too!

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    1. Look who’s talking! Most generous person I know!!
      Happy holidays. Hope that Easter bunny leaves plenty of no-cal/no-carb tastes like the real thing chocolate for you!


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