Chapter 21 – Dead Calm…






News of the second explosion in Rhodes is traveling, and the aftermath is the subject of Dead Calm, Chapter 21 of The Distant Horizon, a Sookie Stackhouse story. (Rated M)

 Chapter 21 – Dead Calm

Sorry about the cliffhanger last Thursday.

Thank you Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy. Appreciate your help in polishing these words and keeping me consistent!  Also, if you run across American Android, send her some love for this beautiful banner.

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Chapter 20 – The Maelstrom



The course of Eric and Sookie’s life is rarely straight, and once again, things take an unforeseen turn (at least for them).

Thank you to both Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy. You have held this plot twist for almost a month and I’m most grateful!

 Chapter 20 – The Maelstrom

Clouds Gather…. Chapter 19 – Distant Horizon

adistanthorizonIt hardly seems possible that less than a week ago I was far, far away, but I am most definitely back! I hope you enjoy this next chapter. Baby thoughts are central for our couple, as well they should be, but politics and intrigue continue to dog their steps.

Thanks Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy for your amazing editing skills! I promise you the new chapters are headed your way shortly.

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And thank you to all who read my stories. It is so much fun to share with you!

 Chapter 19 – Clouds Gather

Glad to be back…

adistanthorizonChapter 18 – Red Sky

Walking trips overseas were a revelation. I have a load of new entrepreneurial ideas that I’ll be mulling over, but another aspect of the trip were long hours on the trail to twirl ideas and plots. Evenings soaking the sore of trail muscles were followed by time spent writing. In spite of the extra weight, I took my writing tablet and two mechanical pencils and worked almost every day. I am pleased with the outcome and hope you will be as well.

I missed you. Glad to be back.

Posts resume tomorrow

adistanthorizonThank you for being patient. My walking holiday to Ireland was everything I might have imagined. I will fly home today and doubtless collapse in a flurry of dirty clothes and hurried preparations since I return to work tomorrow.

Chapters are waiting and I did spend part of my time here writing out the detailed outline for the remaining third of Distant and the preliminary outline of an all human story based in Ireland, so plenty of writing to come.

Someone asked if I had any more travel plans for this year? Yes, but nothing this long and it will be within the US.

thank you for your patience. I hope you decide the next chapter was worth the wait

(TG) News from the Road

A short post to let you know that I am still kicking and coming to the end of my semi-annual walking holiday. I have hiked half the Dingle Peninsula which isn’t bad for a first-time overseas trail walker. Hiking here is different, better in some ways and unexpected in others. I am now an enthusiastic supporter of Irish National Trails. I have one last chance tomorrow to range across the hills and fully intend to spend at least six hours trudging up and trudging down. For those of you who also ‘friend’ me on Facebook you’ve been watching my trail (and beer) photos. I’ll be blogging a bit on my return next week about being an older woman traveling solo. It is something I find very satisfying and always enjoy sharing that. But- since I am a backpacker and weight is everything, I only have this tiny screen and my old eyes yearn for laptop and larger screens!!  Soon- and thanks.

Two Chapters before Vacation….

adistanthorizonWell, it’s only a few days before I leave for a few weeks. I hope you will feel that I am leaving you on a decent note. I hope you have a wonderful couple weeks and I’ll resume with Thursday/Sunday posts on my return, the week of May 15th.

As always, thank you Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy. I know I have been bombing you with chapters (bombing for me) and I appreciate your enthusiasm and gentle correcting!

 Chapter 16 – Counting Knots

Chapter 17 – Nosing Into the Wind