Two Chapters before Vacation….

adistanthorizonWell, it’s only a few days before I leave for a few weeks. I hope you will feel that I am leaving you on a decent note. I hope you have a wonderful couple weeks and I’ll resume with Thursday/Sunday posts on my return, the week of May 15th.

As always, thank you Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy. I know I have been bombing you with chapters (bombing for me) and I appreciate your enthusiasm and gentle correcting!

 Chapter 16 – Counting Knots

Chapter 17 – Nosing Into the Wind

6 thoughts on “Two Chapters before Vacation….

  1. Thanks!! I’m at the excited/anxious stage of planning. Weighed the bag a couple times and will do a final weigh tomorrow. Then it’s button up and deep breathing until Wednesday. Once I’m in the thick of it, figuring logistics and lost in the beauty of the place I’ll stop plotzing, but for now? Little brittle!! Have a good one yourself.


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