Chapter 21 – Dead Calm…






News of the second explosion in Rhodes is traveling, and the aftermath is the subject of Dead Calm, Chapter 21 of The Distant Horizon, a Sookie Stackhouse story. (Rated M)

 Chapter 21 – Dead Calm

Sorry about the cliffhanger last Thursday.

Thank you Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy. Appreciate your help in polishing these words and keeping me consistent!  Also, if you run across American Android, send her some love for this beautiful banner.

Thanks ~ Lynn

3 thoughts on “Chapter 21 – Dead Calm…

  1. I’m rereading this story and FF won’t let me leave another review. chapter 12 was one of my favorites. I love when Eric tells Sookie to never be afraid to show her strength.

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    1. I wanted this to be a preview. It’s not him giving permission. It’s him saying that strong is good. Her eyes continue to open to new thoughts and new ways of seeing herself.


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