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As you gathered, this awards contest did not go forward this year. The folks who run this are trying to gauge interest in continuing.
Please consider registering your opinion.

You Want Blood Awards

Hello guys!  Long time no talk!

Actually I am on vacation and I meant to get this up before I left but I got way to busy.   But Here is a survey to see if anyone has any interest in my continuing the You Want Blood Awards.

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The Promise of Wind arrives…

adistanthorizonEric and Sookie have had a run of terrible luck. They were in Rhodes for the second bombing, they were injured and now, they have survived a takeover attempt, but it seems the tides are turning and better days lie ahead in The Promise of Wind.

Thank you, Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy. It has been a long journey and I appreciate the company and conversation you have shared along this road.

And thank you to the readers of this story. Your enjoyment of the tale makes my own so much better.

Chapter 29 – The Promise of Wind

Chapter 27 – Battening Hatches

adistanthorizonEric & Sookie are almost recovered from Rhodes, but have their efforts to hide Eric’s injuries been enough to ward off a takeover? Things take an unexpected turn, changing their course in Chapter 27 – Battening Hatches.

My beta readers are the unsung heroes of these stories, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy – you are the best!

And thank you to all who read and especially those who review. Love to hear from you.

Chapter 27 – Battening Hatches

Chapter 26 – The Warning Bell

adistanthorizonThings are never quiet for our couple, and this chapter is no exception. Thank you for your reading. I appreciate your sharing this tale and will be answering the comments this weekend.

Thank you, Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy (Go Penguins!). You are my inspiration.

Now, although it is hard to think about with so much going on, this story is entering it’s last third, and I wanted to give you a heads up about the next story I will be writing. As you have gathered, I am mostly a monogamous writer (one story at a time) and I will be taking a break from supernatural plotting to all human plotting.

Coming in summer 2016 – Baile Siochanta. Thank you Gyllene for this amazing banner!

13271845_10206648958679458_891175022_oChapter 26 – The Warning Bell

Chapter 25 – Dodging Shoals


My Sunday release is a little later than usual. I indulged in my high school reunion last night. It involved a trip out of state, many trips down memory lane (which for those of us in the older category is never a certain thing), several (many) beers, a shot of Jamieson and being very pleased I’d had the foresight to book a room for the night.

So, re-hydrated, medicated and still wishing for a nap… here is Chapter 25 – Dodging Shoals.

Please make sure you send love to my wonderful beta readers. Breathesgirl and Ms Buffy have stood by me and this work word by word. As you may have noticed my stories tend to run a little long, so this is no small thing. I am grateful to both of them.

I am also thankful for the reception you, my readers, have given this story.

Chapter 25 – Dodging Shoals