Chapter 39 – The Breaker Line

adistanthorizonAnd so the storyline of Misha, King of New York, draws to its end and another story begins. I hope you find it satisfies.

Thank you, Ms Buffy. I’m pleased you enjoy my forays into history, and I am so grateful for your steady and deft hand.

Thank you, my readers. Only a few more steps to take…

 Chapter 39 – The Breaker Line

Chapter 38 – The Northwest Passage


Yikes! Well, the story is writing itself and it’s demanding an extra chapter… just saying. It must be the heat because I am having too much fun writing about the hot water Pam has found and how she will find her way home.

Thank you to Ms Buffy for your kindness. You are too nice to me, but I am most grateful~

Chapter 38- The Northwest Passage

Chapter 37 – The Rendezvous Point

adistanthorizonYes, I’m late today! My social calendar became rather busy, as summers can be. There was a boat ride out to Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor and a summer picnic. There was shuttling a child to his live-away job and Tapas and Paella with a friend.

I hope your summer weekends are equally pleasant and eventful.

I thank you Ms Buffy for your eagle eye on this one and I promise you the next two shortly.

Thank you and happy days!

Chapter 36 – Moving to Stations…


And so we see what happens when the plans of an angry King backfire. The final scenes are set up, and I’ve gone the extra step of posting the names of the last chapters in the listing under My Stories. I’m sure I’ll wax nostalgic about this trilogy at some point, but not today! Today is for posting and bringing our friends a little closer to the place where they sail free under blue skies toward a clear horizon.

Thanks to Ms Buffy for polishing and kibbitzing. Appreciate it – every word!

Chapter 36 – Moving to Stations

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Chapter 35 – Charts and Bearings

adistanthorizonOriginally, I had planned only thirty-five chapters for this story, but as it’s shaped up, it’s clear there will be a few more. Don’t look for this to become one of those never-ending things; we are close to the end. Think in terms of forty including an epilogue.

What can I say? Misha is harder to end than I anticipated!

Thanks to Ms Buffy for her editing (and grammar) skills. And thanks to all of you for reading.


Chapter 35 – Charts and Bearings