You Want Blood… Nominations Close at Midnight

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Nominations for the ‘You Want Blood Awards’ for 2016 close tonight at midnight. If you haven’t taken that few minutes to acknowledge the story, art and edit that made you laugh, cry and watch emails for the next update, now is the time.

As for me?




There are two stories in the works. The Irish story has gone original characters. It’s the story of Mae, a young woman in Boston who has quit school to take care of her terminally ill mother. She meets Ronan, a handsome Irish musician who woos her and wins her. What she doesn’t realize is that Ronan has a heritage that’s unusual. The story will travel to Ireland where the couple will start their lives together and Mae will meet the person who haunts her dreams in an all too human story with a supernatural twist.


There is also a Sookie/Eric story. What if… Eric settled into Oklahoma and accepted his place? What if, in his pragmatic way, he decided that rejection was just a sign that his Maker as right all along? But what about Sookie? Did she really think she could be happy in the country now that she’s tasted the adventure and variety that a supernatural life has to offer?

Hope this finds everyone well. I should start pushing chapters in late September/early October.


So… what do you do while you wait for books???

I’m waiting on books I need for research on my next story. There are some new characters to create. I’ve published the banner, but I’m posting it again, because it really is beautiful *thank you Gyllene.


So… how did I spend my week? Not writing (yet).

I have been putting the Swimming series in PDF, and when I got to the ‘And Then We Were One’ part (the wedding outtakes), I realized I wanted to re-edit.

The Pledging has now been completely re-edited and re-posted to all my major distribution websites. The story hasn’t changed, but, from my way of thinking, it is more ‘read-able.’

Wedding is next…

Boy – here’s hoping those books get here soon!!!

The Pledging (Revised – August 2016)

Happy Sunday – and the Epilogue

adistanthorizonI debated writing an epilogue at all. In some ways it seems such a cheat, but I admit to being selfish. I wanted to memorialize in writing an idea of the road that lay ahead and what the future held for the children, and so we have it. You will see some things that haven’t changed, and probably won’t. You will also see that there are some things that are changing and hints of what those might hold. As Ms Buffy has commented, the world of Eric and Sookie is constantly shifting shades of grey, good and bad in sometimes equal measures that ultimately shift toward happy endings.

Thanks to Ms Buffy, who edited this last part, and thanks to both my editors, Ms Buffy and Breathesgirl, who have worked so hard through this (long) story cycle. I am happy with the outcome, and I’m smart enough to know that I owe it to them!

Thank you also to American Android for her beautiful art. Her haunting images have graced all three of the main books (Swimming, Far Reach and Distant Horizon).

Thank each of you. Until we cross trails again.

 The Epilogue  – A Distant Horizon

So, What’s New?

Downloadable stories!

I’ve added a page and I’m in the process of converting stories to .pdf. Swimming and Far Reach are there now. And Then We Were One (a compilation of the three wedding stories) will be next.

You can also expect the Epilogue for Distant Horizon tomorrow, which is Sunday in Eastern U.S.

Thanks – and appreciate everything

Chapter 40 – Fair Seas

adistanthorizonThe last official chapter is posted. As  I mention in my Author’s Note at the end, there will be an Epilogue and you’ll see it within the week. Not to whine (but I will a bit), I have another business trip this coming week, and that wreaks havoc with my writing time. Fortunately, this one involves a plane and there’s nothing like airport time for writing.

There is a sadness in finishing things, but also great joy. For me, I will focus on the joy.

I am converting the remaining stories of this series to .pdf (Far Reach, And Then We Were One, Distant Horizon) and will make them available here.

I have another story in the wings, and as with Horizon, I will be taking some time off to start writing and get ahead of it before I start publishing. I hope your fast approaching change to the season brings you new adventures.

Chapter 40 – Fair Seas

2016 Awards update

Awards are back on for 2016. Thanks Robin.

You Want Blood Awards

Hello Everyone!


After reading all the surveys . . . we are letting Eric out of the cage and making several changes to the rules and maybe adjust more over time to ensure that the 2016 Awards are a celebration of all your favorite authors and artists.  I have decided to hold the You Want Blood Awards for this year (but I need everyone to remember it is only one person that runs this and please contact me 4padfoot aka Robin with any issues).  It will be a little different than what has been run in the past.  First off I want to thank everyone for helping fill out the surveys.  I received a lot of helpful information and there were a couple of things that everyone kept asking for that were surprising.  More categories, better links and category definitions.  All of these I have utilized all the new ideas checked…

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