Happy Sunday – and the Epilogue

adistanthorizonI debated writing an epilogue at all. In some ways it seems such a cheat, but I admit to being selfish. I wanted to memorialize in writing an idea of the road that lay ahead and what the future held for the children, and so we have it. You will see some things that haven’t changed, and probably won’t. You will also see that there are some things that are changing and hints of what those might hold. As Ms Buffy has commented, the world of Eric and Sookie is constantly shifting shades of grey, good and bad in sometimes equal measures that ultimately shift toward happy endings.

Thanks to Ms Buffy, who edited this last part, and thanks to both my editors, Ms Buffy and Breathesgirl, who have worked so hard through this (long) story cycle. I am happy with the outcome, and I’m smart enough to know that I owe it to them!

Thank you also to American Android for her beautiful art. Her haunting images have graced all three of the main books (Swimming, Far Reach and Distant Horizon).

Thank each of you. Until we cross trails again.

 The Epilogue  – A Distant Horizon


4 thoughts on “Happy Sunday – and the Epilogue

    1. Well, I’m not being idle.
      I’ve started working on a new story – one set in Ireland. I am waiting for some books to arrive since this will require research into new creature types. For the first time I’ll be doing two stories at once – one is an E/S, but the other it original.
      While I’m waiting for Amazon I’m re-editing the wedding stories. Finishing Pledging today and will blog about that.
      Hope all is well with you


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