Starting in October 2016…

I am pleased to announce that I am writing, and have several chapters for two new stories working their way to a more polished product.  13271845_10206648958679458_891175022_o

Baile Siochanta

Sookie Stackhouse is finishing her sophomore year in college when tragedy strikes her family. She finds herself in Boston caring for her mother and wishing things could be different. For Sookie, she will get her wish, but what comes with it will take her to another country where she’ll find that the best wishes are the ones you never expected.





It didn’t take long for Sookie Stackhouse to realize that Eric Northman was the love of her life. But there wasn’t much she could do about it. Eric had moved on to Oklahoma, and from all signs was settling in pretty well. What’s more, Sookie’s brief affair with Sam Merlotte resulted in an unforeseen complication.  Sookie decides it’s time to grow up, take responsibility for her life and make something better out of the cards she’s been dealt. Too bad fate doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone.

So – those are the teasers, and I hope you find something you like in one, or both.

Thank you Gyllene for the amazing banners, and thank you to the incomparable Ms Buffy for agreeing to edit my work. I am much in your debt.

See you in October!!

Almost halfway through…

Just in case you forgot why that last string was tied on your finger…
Best of luck!

You Want Blood Awards

Just an update guys.  Don’t forget to go vote for your favorites so that they can make it to the finals.  Most categories have several ties!

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I have not died…I think my body has though…

First of all, thank you to Padfoot (Robin) for all her hard work in putting this together. I can’t imagine the hours spent for the enjoyment of others. It is a true kindness
I am thrilled to see the women who beta my work both nominated. Ms Buffy and Breathesgirl (tj6james6). Well deserved!
I was also very happy to see the women who contributed their art to my work honored. American Android, Gyllene and Sephrenia were all nominated.
You inspire me with the beauty of your vision
Thank you, those who read, for my nominations. It is overwhelming. I am so pleased you found something in my words that brought you enjoyment. You honor me with your mention and by placing me alongside so many talented writers.
To my fellow nominees- best of luck to us all.

You Want Blood Awards

I am back guys and although I am still working on a little bit here and there.  (Mostly the nomination links page that almost every person put in their suggestion box)


The Polls for the Semi-Final Round are up.  In this round every nomination that fit the time frame is entered to be voted on.  All 470 of them *according to my excel files*  Man my brain hurts!  This post will be short as I am sure that everyone just wants to get to reading and voting.

First, I want to say I know that there are probably some typos or I missed something so just go ahead and shoot me now for it but if you will just send Godric or Eric with a message I will fix it ASAP.  Remember I am only one person.  *I can’t believe it has taken me three days of pretty much solid…

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And Then We Were One: A Joining in Three Parts..

79fce20fe8411747619ed07493853bfdAND THEN WE WERE ONE – compiled

The three part wedding story that bridges The Far Reach and A Distant Horizon is now available in PDF for download.

 I did finish re-editing the first two parts (The Pledging and The Wedding), and I believe it makes these Acts crisper. I wanted to create a bit of whimsy in the midst of the very complicated lives of Eric and Sookie. They experience all the craziness that accompanies any wedding, and a bit more. They are, after all, celebrities now. You will find Sephrenia’s incomparable art at the beginning of each of the Acts.

Only a few more maintenance items to clear up, including converting Distant Horizon to pdf.

Hope your Fall is marching well.

Ever have those nights…


I have been putting the Swimming series in pdf format to post to WordPress, and ended up re-editing both Pledging and Wedding. If you’ve ever seen the movie, ‘Amadeus,’ you’ll appreciate this – “Too many words!”

So, pared down and allowing the action to shine through, I have re-posted both on this site and will re-post them to all my other sites over the weekend. The pdf version of And Now We Are One: A Joining in Three Parts will be posted too. I am happy that the story will finally present in the way I meant it – one book with three parts, or Acts.

Happy Holidays to those who have a long weekend, and happy weekend to those who don’t.

Time to head back to bed!