Starting in October 2016…

I am pleased to announce that I am writing, and have several chapters for two new stories working their way to a more polished product.  13271845_10206648958679458_891175022_o

Baile Siochanta

Sookie Stackhouse is finishing her sophomore year in college when tragedy strikes her family. She finds herself in Boston caring for her mother and wishing things could be different. For Sookie, she will get her wish, but what comes with it will take her to another country where she’ll find that the best wishes are the ones you never expected.





It didn’t take long for Sookie Stackhouse to realize that Eric Northman was the love of her life. But there wasn’t much she could do about it. Eric had moved on to Oklahoma, and from all signs was settling in pretty well. What’s more, Sookie’s brief affair with Sam Merlotte resulted in an unforeseen complication.  Sookie decides it’s time to grow up, take responsibility for her life and make something better out of the cards she’s been dealt. Too bad fate doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone.

So – those are the teasers, and I hope you find something you like in one, or both.

Thank you Gyllene for the amazing banners, and thank you to the incomparable Ms Buffy for agreeing to edit my work. I am much in your debt.

See you in October!!

25 thoughts on “Starting in October 2016…

    1. Thank you! I’m starting to enjoy the juggling ( maybe too much).
      We’ll see how long it lasts before I decide I can’t stand it and hook into just one so I can finish… Trouble is I’m liking them both!!


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