And the Winners Are . . .

You Want Blood Awards has concluded for another year and there are some amazing writers, artists and betas who have been recognized.
My congratulations to Ms Buffy, who was awarded first place in the Eagle Eye category. I have been blessed with this wonderful woman’s collaboration for a year and a half, and it’s wonderful to see her work recognized.
I am also thrilled to see the artists recognized. I have had the privilege of working with all three of these talented women, and I am not surprised to see their work called out as the best of the best for 2016.
Congratulations to all my fellow writers. It is an honor to write alongside you.

You Want Blood Awards

First off… I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who nominated and voted in both rounds of voting this year.  I have learned a whole new level of double booking my time *that so will not be happening next year*.

I had planned on a long awards ceremony that I hoped some would find humorous but I really just want to get the winners out there for everyone one.  So without further ado.  Have a glance below at all our wonderfully creative winners.   Most of the categories had only 1 vote between places it was a very heated Final round.  If no one can think of anything further to change I will plan to stick with the same format for next year.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot Award – Best One Shot

The Human Award – Best All Human

Mr. January Award – Best Lemon

The Hybrid Award…

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4 thoughts on “And the Winners Are . . .

    1. Thank you. It was a pleasant surprise. The competition is stiff and there are so many wonderful writers. I was very pleased that Ms Buffy as well as Gyllene, Sephrenia and American Android also won. They are so talented, and I am grateful for their working with me.


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