Happy Sunday and Fall Back!


Here in the United States we observe something called Daylight Savings Time. For those of you who are armchair history buffs (like me), you know this was put in place during World War I as a conservation measure so that people wouldn’t be in the dark and use more fuel to light their homes. It was considered unnatural (most folks were still farmers then) and it was repealed, but then another war showed up, and Franklin Roosevelt made it law, for pretty much the same reason, although there was a ‘working longer’ component in there too.

And here I am – an extra hour ‘stolen’ into my life, and posting, at least by the clock, earlier than usual.

Gavotte, Chapter 6 in Turnings, follows Sookie and Ricky into their lives. It gives a sense of the different ways time passes for vampires and humans. It also touches on the difficulties and challenges of parenting, particularly when you feel you have something to hide.

Nurture? Nature? There are elements of both.

Thank you Ms Buffy for all your help. I promise, I will return to writing this one as soon as holiday stories and Baile are completed. December… I swear!

For my readers, Turnings is officially fifteen chapters and growing, so you won’t notice any delay in my weekly postings.

I hope your Fall is shaping up beautifully and that you are looking forward to snow and sleds and the magic of winter. I know I am!

Chapter 6 – Gavotte

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