Chapter 8 -And Now Sooner has arrived


Winter is hinting that maybe… perhaps it will come to my part of New England. Unlike many of my peers, I can’t wait! I eye my woodpile, checking the temperature and hoping it dips low enough that I can satisfy my New England Yankee natural tendencies. You see, you can’t just light the fireplace. There has to be a reason. I’m not overly religious, but wasting anything is a mortal sin in my book. I gather fallen twigs and can what I can’t eat in Mason jars. I cook for the week and make sure it’s something I really (really) like, because I’ll be eating it until it’s gone. My latest venture is making mead. I like it. It’s too expensive to buy by the bottle, and there’s something satisfying about creating your own.

But enough about me! This coming week is a holiday in the United States, called Thanksgiving. It is a day about celebrating the bounties of this life with good friends and family, and I will be celebrating by releasing an extra chapter of this story, and then returning to my regular Sunday schedule.

My thanks to you. I appreciate your reading and sharing this journey with me.

Chapter 8 – And Now Sooner

3 thoughts on “Chapter 8 -And Now Sooner has arrived

  1. We have snow on the grass and frost on the cars! Winter has arrived in Pittsburgh! Yuk…It means I’ll soon have to give up the Bat Cave for that short period of time. Drat! I wish you & all your American readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! Many Blessings!

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    1. We have snow softly falling here this morning. I was up north yesterday and there was snow cover and ice falling from trees. It was beautiful, but cold. Today won’t be much better. Winter has come!

      Best of seasons to you too, and thank you for everything! You make the work shine. I know I’ve said that before, but it’s so true!


  2. We “Yankees” are frugal as the day is long! My Nana could make a teabag last 6 cups,. And we had to wash windows with ammonia and water whilst using old news papers. I could go on & on…but growing up in Worcester County… are taught how to be a touch chick!!!!!!


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