Chapter 11 – Fortune’s Folly


I had a conversation with a good friend yesterday. He is navigating tricky times in his work life, and he asked why things couldn’t always be easy. For those who know my work, you can guess my answer. Without the challenges and occasional set-back, how can we truly appreciate the triumphs? It is the salt that gives our life its flavor.

And so, with our favorite couple. They have had their moment, and it hinted at all they could be, but now it is day and reality intrudes. They are different people than they were, smarter and older. Their experiences have caused them to grow. Even the ancient Mr. Northman has learned something about relationships, and it feels a bitter pill, but there is a saying. Always darkest before the dawn.

Thank you Ms Buffy for everything! Chapter 20 is ticking along. Perhaps by the end of day.

For my readers, if you haven’t had the opportunity yet, the stories that are part of the Fangbanger Directory’s Advent Calendar are underway. I’ll be posting them as they are released. If you haven’t explored the Directory, I encourage you to do so. The volunteers who maintain it do stellar work archiving, assisting and recommending works for this fandom.  They are a treasure.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Fortune’s Folly

  1. Always darkest before the dawn…..when is it going to be dawn? I’m obsessed with the story. I can’t read it at night or I dream about it. Spend all week thinking about it. Great writing. If I was a stronger person I’d wait till it was complete. As it is, first thing I check Sunday morning.


  2. A huge thank you to you, Natsgirl, for sharing your time and your story in gifting it to AlisonActually, just one of the volunteers who endlessly provides her help & support with our FBA blog. We are most grateful to you for sharing in the participation our annual Advent Calendar celebration! Your story was wonderful, and it should be one for all the fandom to enjoy for future Christmas seasons! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & yours! 🙂

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