Chapter 15 – Leaf Falls


First of all, to those of you celebrating holidays tied to your religious beliefs at this time, Happy Holidays to you, and I wish you and your families and friends the best of the season. It is in celebrating that we take that moment to acknowledge those parts of our lives that are truly best. We sift our experiences, and pick out those moments that shine for us, either because they made us proud, or uplifted or just made us laugh, and we share those moments with those we love best. In my family, that sharing is over a table filled with food I only eat once a year.

In short, we celebrate this wonderful life that we are living.

Now, the disclaimer.

It is a joyous season, and I am releasing extra chapters, but this part of the story is not particularly joyous. It is the crisis that leads to resolution, but crisis is rarely a happy time, so be warned! You may just want to hold off the next few chapters until you reach that place when you realize the holiday happiness is over and the gym doors are calling.

My best to all of you. Thank you, Ms Buffy. You brighten my day!

Chapter 15 – Leaf Falls



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