Chapter 17 – Between Thee and Me


First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. This past year was an intriguing mix of highs and lows, and this year is shaping up to be the same. As many of you know, I enjoy distance hiking. My time on the trail allows me to clear away the cobwebs and dust that accumulates with too much civilization. There’s nothing like a little physical stress and wide open spaces to refocus a body on what really matters.

My plans for 2017 have included hiking the Kerry Peninsula in Ireland, and that may still happen, but those plans are now getting shifted about because I must consider my re-entry into the category of home ownership. There are plenty of reasons I’m not anxious to be tied down: mortgages, lack of mobility, maintenance, but there are tax realities that tilt the game in a way that force me to consider it, and here we are…

There’s always the Appalachian Trail, and plenty of trail I haven’t seen.

This is my back-handed way to introduce this chapter. I felt a little guilty when I realized this is the one that would fall on New Year’s Day. I promised a ‘happily ever after’ and this is the darkest chapter of the whole damn story! What up with that?!

I could tell you, ‘darkest before the dawn’, but that seems a dodge. All I will say is that sometimes that thing you most dread is the very thing that makes everything you ever wished possible.

Best of New Years to all of you, my friends who follow the sometimes gritty world that I write, and a special thank you to Ms Buffy, my dear friend whose kind encouragement and sharp eye are invaluable, and my artist in residence, Gyllene, whose many talents place me among her many admirers.

Chapter 17 – Between Thee and Me


2 thoughts on “Chapter 17 – Between Thee and Me

  1. You will make it to Ireland and hike that trail! I have faith, and I know it will happen, come hell or high water! 🙂 It will be there waiting for you, despite these other issues that will resolve themselves! I know it!


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