Chapter 19 – When We Gather


Good morning and greetings from a place where the sun shines and the light dusting of snow glistens. I have the soreness that comes with great efforts that end well. In my case, it was watching six months of planning a large winter event for Boy Scouts come to fruition. I had the joy of watching young men between the ages of eleven and eighteen compete in tasks that challenged their woodsman skills, their creativity and their ability to reason out puzzles.

As I prepare to join my friends this coming weekend in Washington, marching for equal rights for women, it reminds me how important it is to raise our sons to have the confidence and strength that is required to respect others. I have two sons, and I worry at times that the lessons they learned from Scouting in New England, and from me were not enough to overcome the messages that bombard them through social media. It is an act of faith, raising children, and I pray that the best part of their hearts will win out, both for their own sakes, and for us all.

But now, having tramped all day, I was happy to come home last night and collapse in my bed. All by way of explaining why I am late today.

 Chapter 19 – When We Gather

2 thoughts on “Chapter 19 – When We Gather

  1. Raising children, especially on your own, sure is an act of faith, and sometimes a crap shoot! We do what we do, give all we give, and sometimes even that’s not enough! Every so often though, they’ll turn around, smile, and say, “Thanks, Mom!” Those moments are rare, but worth it, and you know you’ve done a great job when they happen. I’m sure you’ve had many of them! Glad you had fun with the Scouts! 🙂


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