Chapter 20 – Where the Road Leads


So, I’m early.  Really, really early.

That’s because I’m leaving tomorrow for Washington DC to march with my sisters. I won’t be back until Sunday late, and I don’t want to stress about this.

So, forgive my early release, and hope you enjoy.

A special thank you to my wonderful editor, Ms Buffy, who suffers through my write and rewrites, and is so unfailingly cheerful about it. You are the best!!

Chapter 20 – Where the Road Leads


8 thoughts on “Chapter 20 – Where the Road Leads

  1. Please don’t ever feel the need to apologize for an early chapter update. I can promise you that I will never complain😃 I admire you for going to march tomorrow, I think that’s such a great thing! Your Canadian sisters stand in solidarity with you all, much luck and be safe.

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  2. Ummm, I like the early but, the cliffs hurts….now I have to wait longer for Billy goat to die. A small suggestion….. post the next one when you get back?…….you don’t want us waiting in such an agonized way, do you?

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  3. Ok. I thought of this after I reviewed on FF. Sookie is a vampire. Eric rips Bill’s head off. But Sookie becomes Eric’s Queen. I really hate what Bill is doing to her. And him to be her maker, eww. Well at least Eric wouldn’t have a Makers control over her. (like he ever did before lol)


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