Chapter 22 – What Lies Beneath


Every once in a while, I run across people that I knew once, long ago. I immediately assume they are the people they were then, and usually, there are many aspects of what we knew about each other that are the same. I believe that on a fundamental level, unless someone experiences truly traumatic events, you remain basically the same.

But then, there are many thing that do change, and some of those things tend to be how you perceive things… your beliefs.

This chapter is about the assumptions people bring to Sookie’s turning. They think they know her. Even her own son, who is closest to her, has assumptions, and the way these interplay help to knit father and son together as they wait for the woman they love to rise.

Thank you to all who read, and thank you Ms Buffy. You are amazing!

(Three chapters headed your way. I finished one yesterday and realized I needed a bridge introducing Sookie’s love interest to help explain the rest. It’s still about 1,000 words in but coming along nicely.)

Chapter 22 – What Lies Beneath


6 thoughts on “Chapter 22 – What Lies Beneath

  1. So how many chapters are planned for this? It will tell me how worried I should be about sookies rising 😦

    Eric’s shift is not surprising. It was always in him, but it’s so heartbreaking. If she rises and rejects him, it will break him. If she clings to him like an anchor…it will guide them. Thank god for Ricks faith in his mother. The person who knows her heart now.

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  2. Had to chuckle, I got up super early this morning and went straight to your blog to see if this chapter was already posted before I got the notice. and joy of joys, it was..

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