Across the River…


Another Sunday…

I apologize for any confusion I may have caused by leaving Ms Buffy, my long-suffering and very talented beta editor, a message about new love interests for Sookie. I am working on a new story, Baille Siochanta, and instead of picking on Bill, I’ve decided to flesh out a new bad boyfriend, Breandan Brigant. Of course, Breandan, or Dan, as he prefers to be called, will be charming and devilishly handsome. He (and she) are mostly human. The story starts in Boston and there are hints that these two are not quite what they seem.

They will find themselves in Ireland, and that’s where Sookie meets Eric.

But for now… Turnings is drawing to a close, at least for now. Rick is starting to realize that his Mother is more than she appears and like other young people who find out their parents had pasts, it causes him to question his beliefs about those who surround him, including his Father.

Chapter 24 – Across the River



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