Epilogue – Turnings


Thank you everyone who has come along on this particular journey with the family Northman. I have already received messages, most kind, some not, unhappy that the story is ending. I consider that high praise, and I thank you for it. That you have become so engaged with a character that you want to turn another page is something to which every writer aspires. Much better than having you throw down the book in disgust, wondering why I did such terrible things to my characters (although you may do that from time to time too. I tend not to pull punches or pretty up the grittier side of vampire culture).

I thank you for reading, and I thank everyone who left comments and suggestions. I read every one.

Thank you especially to Ms Buffy, my wonderful editor and friend, and thank you to Gyllene, who’s artwork becomes the face of my work.

What’s next? A short hiatus while I rewrite (again, apologies, Ms Buffy) Baille Siochanta.

Synopsis: It’s a story that centers on the Fae. They’ve mainstreamed in their own way, but that doesn’t mean that rivalries between the kingdoms have been resolved. Old feuds gain new energy when Niall’s semi-human family is found and plots for revenge are made. Sookie travels to a new country where things are not as they appear, but will she find a home?

Best of weeks ~


Epilogue – Turnings

7 thoughts on “Epilogue – Turnings

    1. I owe Ms Buffy about ten pounds of chocolate and flowers, because I’ve made her read three takes on the first chapters already, and I’m about to send a fourth. It started one way, and I just couldn’t get my head (and heart) behind it, and then things started to settle down. I wanted a story where it wasn’t Bill Compton. I wanted a different first/bad love, and then it was how things would weave around that. I suspect I’ll end up insulting my Irish readers, but then again, maybe not. It is a story, after all…

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      1. Writing something when your heart or head isn’t into it doesn’t do you or your readers any good. I’m sure Ms Buffy understands that, but chocolate is never a bad idea! Lol

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  1. I can’t imagine a Sunday without a Natsgirl story. I start looking forward to each chapter by Thursday. I loved Turnings. I really enjoyed everyone’s comments on WordPress and enjoyed each review. Thank you again.

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    1. Here, here! I couldn’t agree more! 🙂 I loved “Turnings” as well and told Natsgirl after the first chapter that “This is it! It’s amazing!” Words to that effect, anyway… It just kept getting better and I would re-read the chapters even before she began posting it.
      I’ll miss these characters… It’s so hard sometimes to say goodbye.


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