Chapter 1 – Appearances…

Things are not as they appear. That’s the background for every supernatural story I’ve read, and this is one is no different. Chapter 1, Appearances, is a bit of a history lesson, setting the stage for what follows.

We meet the Fae and the central characters whose long, bitter history will soon collide with the life of Sookie Stackhouse, living quietly across an ocean.

There are many stories of the Fae, and they cross cultures. It’s rare the country that doesn’t have its own stories of others who live among us, magic and mysterious, living by different standards and different timelines. These are the stories I’ll tap into for Baile Siochanta.

Why Ireland? I’m the first to admit I am being pretty cheeky writing about a country I’ve only visited once. Granted, I plan to head back, and I did do my exploring with my feet over fourteen days, but let’s face it. It takes a solid set to dip a toe in a place and pretend you know about it. So I won’t. You won’t see vernacular or an attempt to explain behavior for real people. Instead, I’ll stick to my fairy tale and the supernatural creatures who were smart enough to choose such a beautiful place to cohabit.

The other thing I’ll be doing is pulling pretty hard on fairy tale lore. Vampires exist, but as the Unseelie, the other Court, sharing their less desirable social status in the Fae hierarchy with Selkies and Banshees. They will be called ‘Ghouls’ by the other Fae. Ghouls are known to feed on the dead and walk by night, so it seemed a quick jump to incorporate them into the Fae.

This story is a bit of a slow burner at first. Like my first days walking through the hills of Ireland, it revealed itself step by step. I hope you find the journey enjoyable.

Chapter 1 – Appearances

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