And now… Bells Ring

Dinner bell, anyone? The beginning of a race? Bells have held a number of meanings, and it was in my mind as I named this chapter. It is the start, in many ways, of the tale that follows.

I am intrigued by stories of Fairies, as I know I’ve mentioned, but not just the winged kind or the electric-spouting lightning rods on television. The stories of Fae are more subtle.

There are stories that come from every country; creatures other than ourselves who hold powers and granted wishes or cause mischief. They can appear as us, or not. They can be proud and terrible in their wrath, or they can seem more beast than human.

The Celtic countries have stories of two divided Courts, the Seelie and the Unseelie. They are each ruled by Kings and Queens and their followers are different. The Seelie most resemble humans. They are beautiful to behold, but they live in the moment, their lives truly moving at a different pace than our own. They interact with us, but with more than a hint of superiority.

And then, there are the Unseelie. They are the others – the Selkies, Banshees, Poukas and Ghouls. They are smaller or take the shape of creatures. They are more solitary, and the Seelie consider them the ‘lesser’ Fae, but they have their own powers and traits, and both Courts take some care not to tread too far into the territory of the other.

I hope your weekend was wonderful.

Chapter 3 – Bells Ring


2 thoughts on “And now… Bells Ring

  1. Have you ever read The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning? If you ever get a chance do so. My aunt had told me bells keep evil away or bad things. The same with “Fringes”, like on clothes or other articles.

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    1. I’ve heard about bells, and now that you mention it, knots and fringes too. It’s interesting, all the legends and myths about things!
      Thanks for the recommendation!!


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