Through the Looking Glass…

And like Alice, Sookie finds herself unable to resist the temptation offered by Breandan.

Temptation. It’s a wonderful word, one that tiptoes across the tongue with a sly glance. It’s the unopened letter and the unknown vial on the table labeled, ‘Drink Me.’ Sookie Stackhouse, who has grown up alone for much of her life, is no coward. She has a confidence that grows in those who face challenges and overcome them – brash courage… fool’s courage, one might say. She asks advice from no one, because she’s grown up that way, and she reaches for what tempts her, even when it might burn her fingers.

For those who have learned through experience, and even with regrets, wouldn’t have it any other way – best of mornings!

Thank you, Ms Buffy for your trimming and streamlining! You are the wind beneath my wings. I hope this day of sun and warmth brings you joy!

Chapter 7 – Through the Looking Glass

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