Doors Close…

There are those wonderful late days of Fall when everything seems just a little too perfect. Nights are cool and crisp. Days are warm, even hot, and the feeling in the forest is one of drowsy waiting. Bees hum, fat and slow, from one flower to another and overhead, the leaves show just the faintest hint of color.

You feel, as you walk under the canopy, that everything is ready, although what is coming is just around the corner. It reminds me of the ant and the grasshopper. You can abandon yourself in the moment, reveling in the overwhelming abundance around you, or you can recognize it for what it is: the first warning that change is coming.

Sookie finds herself in this place. While Breandan finds Spring in her, Sookie finds Fall. There is a wealth of sensation and happiness, but at the edges, reality hovers. This Sookie is a different woman, a thinking woman. She can choose to listen to her instincts, or she can allow herself to be persuaded by those around her.

For now, she chooses the path of the grasshopper, singing her happiness and ignoring the changes that come.

Thank you, Ms Buffy, for your enthusiasm about this tale. Goodness knows, I stopped and started enough, as I searched for the right path to lead our heroine to the place she deserves!

And thank you, my readers, for meandering the paths with me.

Chapter 9 – Doors Close


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