A Place of Blinding Green – Chapter 11

The first time I saw Ireland, it was from the air. The sun came out just long enough to light up the hills below me, and I was struck with just how vibrant the colors were. When I finally found myself at ground level, the feeling continued. Of course, it is a country of roads and cities, towns and coast, like every other place, but the countryside, with it’s overgrown stones and amazing garden walls, studded with flowers and fushia, is a riot of color. It took my breath away!

Sookie feels that way now, following Breandan to a new life she is sure will be better than the one she left. She is looking for her future, and she is sure that her Mother’s advice was sound.

I have, myself, taken such bold steps. Most turned out for the good, though they were rarely as advertised. Sookie will find, as I did, that the best adventures are found when you keep you heart open and your attitude one of willingness.

Thank you, Ms Buffy. I hope your holiday was wonderful, and to all my readers, here in the U.S., or abroad, my best to all of you.

Chapter 11 – A Place of Blinding Green

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