Finding Ground…

Sometimes, when there are challenges before me, it can feel like swimming in an ocean, not sure when, or if, you’ll find a place to stand. You strive and try, only to fail and have to strive and try again. You become tired. You are short with your friends, and always, that uncertainty. Will I succeed? Will I find my way out of this? Will my children; my friend; my lover be all right?

But life is kind, even when it’s most cruel. There is a way out of things; an end where you put your feet down, almost afraid to try, and you find ground. Sometimes, my reaction is, ‘How long was that there? If I’d only tried, would I have found it sooner?’

Amelia and Sean’s coming is a return to the easier days when Sookie and Breandan’s relationship was new. Sookie, who is so new at relationships, sees their current troubles as the problems that are overcome by the heros and heroines in her novels, but, of course, this is real life and things don’t wrap up so easily with a red bow. Her eyes are drawn to another, and she can’t admit with her heart is telling her.

What’s more, her life is about to become even more complicated. Amelia and she take off on a field trip to track down paperwork, and in the process, Sookie finds out she has more relatives.

Thank you, Ms Buffy! You are the most amazing beta editor a woman could wish. I will be writing you back, today. I’m off to Nashville on business, and that means lovely downtime in airports. I hope you are doing well and enjoying all those weddings!

And thank you to all my readers. I will reply to comments. I have hit an extraordinarily busy moment in my life. Boys to sort, I am moving, so there’s packing and packing. I started volunteering as a boundary monitor on the Appalachian Trail, which means a day spent tramping through dense woods looking for survey marks 1-2 times a month, and, of course, mead making, music playing and work. A life well lived, but one that is a little too hectic for me at the moment! I am busily writing future chapters. My current is titled ‘Mrs. Northman’, so there’s the spoiler.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Chapter 15 – Finding Ground


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