Happy Holidays…

This seems a busy time of year for remembrance. Canada recently celebrated their anniversary, and today, it’s the United States. Next week, France will celebrate Bastille Day. I could wax eloquent about the interplay of history that links these countries together, and it would be a long tale.

What strikes me as I look at the faces around me is how many nations make us what we are. There is a craze recently among my friends to send off envelopes and vials of spit to companies who diagnose each of them, parsing them into points on a global map. How easy to celebrate our differences then, when we are pronounced to be part of a one! “I found out I’m Irish!” a woman of color told me. “I’m part Chinese!” another blond-haired person told me. How easy to embrace our differences when you find they flow within you.

On this anniversary, I wish, yet again, that we find the wisdom to celebrate not just that blood that flows within, but by extension, the blood that flows in each, recognizing that if we have drop, that makes us brothers and sisters of all.

My thanks to you for reading, and a special thanks to Ms Buffy, my rebel sister from another Mother. I hope your day is long, lazy and full of wonderful things.

Chapter 17 – The Way


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