Summer reigns…

Life happens in the times between…

I am coming to a new understanding of that saying. For me, as for most people, times of change are unsettling, and I find myself in those times. I am moving, as I’ve written before. My life is once again being reduced to stacks of brown boxes, each of my trinkets and mementoes tucked away in newspaper until it finds its perfect place in another setting.

I have moved so often in my life. I grew up a nomad, and my adult life slowed that. I lived in the place before this one for over twenty-three years – a long stretch and longer than I’ve lived anywhere, and I found it palled. I stopped seeing the dust and the crack in the floor. I stopped seeing the room I wished to change, or perhaps it was the terrible state of my relationship with my now ex-husband that made me so numb to my surroundings.

I looked forward to this place I am now with anticipation. A new life, an escape, a new beginning.

This next move is less clear. It is a move to owning the box around me again, and the idea of such permanence worries me. How I long to simply buy a sailboat, making that my home, free to leave when I wish for another place, the knickknacks I’ve acquired over my life never having to find another box of their own, my spirit free to capture the wind and simply change the address! But, that is not practical, I’m afraid! And so, I am shrinking in on myself, stacks of brown cardboard, preparing for the trucks that will transport me to a new place, a new setting, in which to unfurl my flag and start again.

So Sookie is unfurling her flag into her new life. New starts in new places. She finds the ties to her past hold her, but there are signs there is something wonderful just beyond her next bend, and her hope carries her forward.

My best, and to all, my hope to each of you! And special thanks to Ms Buffy. Safe travels to all the weddings and family gatherings, my friend! Working on that next chapter!

Thanks and Happy Sunday!

Chapter 18 – True North

5 thoughts on “Summer reigns…

  1. Have you ever thought of taking all these pre-chapter thoughts and… making them into a book? What you just described about “moving” was so unbelievably beautiful, i got goose bumps! I mean, your writing is beautiful to begin with, but to take the subject of moving and turning into poetry! Wow!

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    1. Thank you. I know those words seem thin. Your words touched me. Perhaps I will try.
      I am not certain that my ramblings rise to the status of poetry but I am flattered; sincerely flattered to have you suggest it. Have a good one.

      Liked by 1 person

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