Swinging Away…

The countdown to change in my world is becoming louder now. I look around my space, knowing there is only one more weekend and my time here is done. I hear from people who grew up in the same house, who return for visits and stay in the room where they spent their childhoods. I have none of that, although I wished it for my children. Now, there is another space where life was lived, that will move on to new people, and new memories, and where the walls will change, barring any future cozy returns, waxing nostalgic over dated wallpaper and fading posters.

Even my next space is a step on the road, although this one will be more permanent. You see, now I have a plan.

This next space will be mine until the next move, and then, it will remain mine, but house others. Next time, I will move to where I have long wished to live, my true space a small, cottage of a house on acres of land, watching nature and raising bees.

Sookie is also moving on, although she has no plan. Her heart speaks to her, but she remains a woman in mourning, caught up in change, so she fights what we all see so clearly.

This story is one of coming home, which explains the title, Baile Siochanta, or Peaceful Home. Of course, whether that ‘home’ is a place or a person I will leave to your judgment.

My best to you, Ms Buffy. I hope the humidity stays away, bringing you the best of summer, and thank you to my readers.

Chapter 19 – Swinging Away

3 thoughts on “Swinging Away…

    1. Western Mass is the plan, and yes… honey for the mead! Also, an excuse to plant random wildflowers without the expectation of caring for them. ‘They aren’t for me… they’re for the bees!’

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